Create Parlors

Create a parlor to share with friends and family, work on a company project with coworkers, get that class project done with your Business 101 group, or make plans with your WoW guild.

Secure Servers

Everything you upload is stored on a secure server. Protect it with a password and relax with the knowledge that the kid next to you in English or your nosy cubicle mate can’t get to your little golden nuggets of brilliance.

Send Emails

Want to send those documents outside of the Parlor? No problem! Send it as an attachment or a link to whatever email you want. You can also use the link to access it from other websites.

Group Chat

Want to send your Mom a picture from your last vacation and talk to her? Take some time to chat with her. Type, talk or video chat with each other to your heart’s content. Need to make sure your coworker understands the changes needed to that spreadsheet? Chat with her, too!

Join today and start chatting and sharing documents on secure servers! It is like all those other social media sites with the benefits of a messenger or VoIP program. And we offer different accounts to meet your personal or business needs. Our free account has 2 GB of storage space for your files. Our paid accounts start at 8 GB and go up to 20 GB of memory. Pick what fits your needs and enjoy!

Concerns? Inquiries? No problem! Feel free to give us a shout out and one of our customer service representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have about our website, your account or the services we offer.

So you have the free account, or one of our smaller offers, and you want more space? No problem! Select the account you are interested in and go through our simple step-by-step process to have more memory space and more files to share!


Space: 2 GB
250 MB of free space per referral. Up to 10GB.


Disk Space: 100 GB
$11.99 per month
$109.00 per year


Disk Space: 500 GB
$59.99 per month
$609.00 per year


Contact us for more info on our Platinum plans.