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Try out our free plan and start sharing photos and documents with family, friends and colleagues. The 2 GB of memory will be secure place to keep those vacation photos right next to that spreadsheet and above the video from spring break in Cancun.

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Silver Plan

For a small price, you get 100GB of memory!

You must have a lot of stuff to share if you are needing this much space, but it is a safe place to put that budding novel you are working on, those playlists you need or all that work you need to bring home. Goodbye pocket full of USBs and Hello, Silver!

Gold Plan

500 GB is a lot of space!

No more lugging around those textbook sized external hard drives to access all the documents you took off your laptop. Now you can leave it at home and put all those important photos, songs, documents or eBooks on your secure profile and then transfer it at your leisure (or when you need to empty some space for more). Freedom is sweet with our Gold plan!

Gold Plan

Well, look at you!

Give us a call to ask about our virtual storage units. Back-up everything and anything on your computer(s) with this plan. And if you are a business, this is the plan for you. All those important documents are safe and sound with us and at easy access to any of your employees who need them.

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