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Yangshou is truly one of modest community-the first choice for tour in China

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Yangshou introductions (广西旅游攻略): Yangshou is truly one of smaller village is part of Guiling metropolis. In old time, it is just a seperated area from Guilin, so, you probably know this Guiling is the perfect place in Oriental saying. If you do not like Guilin, then you must like Yangshou, that samll town is a really amazing beautify place that you should not miss in your life, but Yangshui is said that “Yangshuo even much better than Yangshou” in chinese old saying. so. There are thousands western people stay in this samll town, not for visiting nor for tour, they stay there for the rest of their life, they just don’t like to more to another place, though trust me or not. Sure, it’s why one of the primary neighborhood in Yangshou referred to as “european street”. Might you inform me why individuals foreigner vacation years and years because samll area? go and stop by Yangshou you can find exactly why, and maybe you will continue to be there entirely. 阳朔攻略

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