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WELLCS (shopping bags) is situated next to the the southern part of Italian city of Salerno that has a team of 60 persons, a 10,000m2 site along with a subsidiary company operating out of Milan. Despite the fact that the company made a great progress way considering that its beginnings as a family company of three employees built by Mr Mr and Carmine Enzo Consalvo, correspondingly father and son, the sole director of the organization is still the latter. In through thirty years of process as a corporation specialised in appearance growth, WELLCS has actually been doing the job constantly on increasing its excellent.
As Mr Morelli is keen to stress, “We are a work in progress, never crystallised in one particular state but in continuous evolution both at manufacturing process and internal organisation levels. Our company is continually for the leading edge regarding technological innovation, engaged in prepress work oriented to the creation of dishes for flexographic creating and cylinders for rotogravure.”
WELLCS runs for a service provider dedicated in engraving sleeves and plates for flexography, as well as making cylinders for rotogravure. It functions thru your five production sectors: digital, analogical and liquid primary on sleeve engraving and rotogravure. Usually chosen by the most demanding customers, because of the outstanding results offered in terms of quality, reduction of production time and process repeatability, in terms of flexographic printing the core activity is HD digital systems.
Particularly Esko? ?s Hi-def Flexo is usually a new normal for flexographic publishing, offering pros just like much more homogeneous photographs along with a wider variety of shapes and colours. On top of that, as well as being a segment good quality regular supported by main platter providers, it is perfect for ingredients label, flexible packing, flat and corrugated cardboard creating.
Investing in systems
The Hi-def market will be the 1 upon which the organization is centering probably the most when it comes to investment opportunities, for both devices and researching. Particularly, WELLCS has actually been collaborating with Asahi, a Japanese international dedicated in the creation of plates, which it includes created a substantial doing publishing dish (Asahi AWP), which elevates the specifications regarding environmental friendliness.
“Our High def offer in partnership with this generating plate offers important outcomes both at technical and environmental levels. The ecological edge is owing to the truth that this plate is not going to require the use of chemicals to its clean-up, consequently relieving consumers out of the duty of getting rid of specific squander (solvent). Other positive aspects provided by this particular product incorporate printer pinning, as a result of which printer is anchored to every sole reason for printing, averting scattering to your surrounding area. The outcomes supplied are additionally boosted by the use of this plate jointly with pixel raise engraving systems, monitored by an Esco system.”
Moreover, WELLCS has enhanced its manufacturing gear, now such as the most innovative engraving unit, the HelioKlischograph K500, that provides unbeatable success concerning speed and engraving level of quality.
“For people like us flexography and rotogravure are two parallel and, in some cases, contrasting technologies. I actually have to talk about that in past times year or two flexography, which some time ago was lagging regarding rotogravure in top quality words, has grown significantly and has arrived at the superb level of quality principles that rotogravure got previously obtained. Presently HD takes the lion? ?s discuss and i believe so it will continue enhancing in years to come.” (see shopping bags wholesale)
The ISO 9001 and High definition Flexo (Esco) qualified provider performs in partnership with providers including the Uteco Party and Esco, in which it products pre-make solutions to the demonstration of these goods at buy and sell fairs.
With regards to investments the organization has put in place a whole new fully programmed engraving system for flexography (employed for complete High-definition basically, but which may also be used for typical creating). Furthermore it provides purchased a primary laser light engraving system created with the Austrian business Stork, permitting it to do sleeve engraving. Materials it may engrave are elastomer and polymer sleeves and plates. Agrios could be the best laser light engraver that you can buy, featuring good quality for flexo sleeves (sleeveless along with platter-on-sleeve). The crucial element to its spectacular effectiveness would be the distinctive, trademarked, multi-beam lazer program.
Excellent, new marketplaces and bigger volumes
The business? ?s clients are generally print and printers consumers, along with professional firms. The key market place regions it offers are beverage, food, other and labellers sectors. “Geographically we assist the main of France, plus the North African sector, Germany, England and Portugal. We operate at global level. As a way to have actual physical nearness to your consumers in upper France now we have Milan-primarily based Dygita, while we follow the rest of our clientele from your basic in Salerno, making your way to see them when needed.
“I forecast our progress as unfolding in terms of further more extension in overseas volume and markets boost. Our company is especially dedicated to To the north Africa so we actually have personnel primarily based there to help us on this enlargement. Our give attention to dangerous sells, specifically in low-European countries, is usually because of the tough problem in The european union at the moment. We consistently endeavor to enhance high quality and I really assume that this is what differentiates us from my opposition and what makes us access the top of the our industry. Our MD is invariably incredibly mindful to level of quality, preserving the organization with the leading edge and answering market breakthroughs. Accomplishing greatest quality is our mission and that i can say that partly we have contributed to raising the criteria of flexographic merchandise.”
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