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Travel guide for Xiamen City of China

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Xiamen, a scenic tourist port city. Located in the southeast coast of China, Taiwan and the West Coast, across the water and the islands of Kinmen. Xiamen, known as “Sea Garden”, “the most welcoming city” reputation, is China’s first Special Economic Zone, southeast coast of China’s major cities, international port and one of the top ten overseas visitors preferred tourist cities in China. Xiamen climate, annual average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, has jurisdiction over six districts, the city’s resident population of 249 million people. 厦门攻略
First national 5A scenic Gulangyu Xiamen city card, known as “Music Island”, “International Architecture Exhibition” in the world, is to Xiamen tourists will go. Xiamen Wonderful 4A level scenic spots were beautiful Botanical Garden, “explosives” location Huli Hill Fort, with Hope’s natural and cultural tankahkeei Park Water Garden Expo Court Grand View Garden, the oxygen bar of Tianzhu Mountain, Japanese-style garden Valley Springs, imposing extraordinary resort Haicang Bridge, antique-style movie Tongan, Xiamen everywhere showing the beauty and warmth 淘路网.

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