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Tour clue for Luo Yang City of China – The detail travel guideline

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Below are the best place that you should visit in Luo Yang City:
Longmen Grottoes :
Since ancient times, ” the Longmen color ” as the first of the eight wonders of Luoyang , Mr. Bai has commented : . ” Los environs are landscapes of victory, the first goal Yan” do not know him too much love here, and also his old tomb buried in here. Longmen Grottoes fare is 120 yuan , including the Longmen Grottoes , White Park ( Bai tomb ) , Xiangshan Temple. I suggest that the best morning to visit the Longmen Grottoes . Because the morning sunlight grotto sun, well-lit , easy photography. After the climb the high steps , I looked up , Lushena kindly Buddha in there looking at you, people really very shocking . After visiting the caves Nishiyama diffuse water bridge from the south side overlooking the grotto in the past , but also a different kind of taste. Then visit the Dongshan Grottoes, Xiangshan Temple , White Park . The whole area to visit time is usually 3 – 4 hours.
As one of the world’s cultural heritage Longmen Grottoes , Dunhuang Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and said China’s three major grottoes 洛阳住宿攻略. High ornamental value, highest statues up to 17 meters, the smallest is only two centimeters , people admire very ancient art and exquisite stone Buddhas of pious heart ah !
Lives : Longmen Grottoes home across the Dongshan Hotel , Luoyang City, is the first five-star international hotel -style landscape garden . Accommodation is very good , our national leaders to Luoyang, the general also live here , but that price is also leveraging, recommendations or general class of people do not try it.
Line: Longmen Grottoes buses to have 53,60,81 road , ticketing is 1.5 yuan , to prepare well in Luoyang by bus more than 5 hair , because basically the bus to tourist attractions have 1.5 yuan ; during the Fair also out sightseeing bus , ring the second line also has stations, but the fee is $ 30 , includes unlimited sightseeing bus ride within two days .
! Kuan Lin Temple Road @ @ Amoy network stop travel products and services Amoy – Road – Network – China Travel Guide Home
From the gantry out along the Longmen Avenue to St. Paul Street Po Kuan Lin , you can come off the forest temple.
Imperial mausoleum tomb called the tomb of the saint called Lin , literati called Garden Tomb . Wu Guan Yu as a saint , it ‘s tomb so called Kuan Lin , which is the origin of Kuan Lin Temple . Here is what people worship the ancient resort of Guan Yu , Guan Yu is China’s only ” mound “, ” temple “, ” forest” Remains of ancient buildings of three worship unity . Tickets are $ 40, visit time is usually about 1 hour .
Lin Guan Temple in the surrounding streets closed forest home “old Luoyang ravioli ,” This is good to eat Tangmian corner . Luoyang Tangmian angle is a traditional snacks . Selection of fresh pork shoulder blade and hip , too fat amount, chop the meat into the end , add a variety of spices and juice broth, stir into stuffing ; then fresh hot water to the surface is good , roll into skin, shaped like a crescent moon package surface dumplings, steamed on the cage 10 minutes. The system Tangmian soft skin tight corner , dripping crystal , shaped like a crescent moon , the color of Joan Jade , delicious and not greasy, delicious taste, and when ” famous Longhai three thousand miles , the first taste of pressure Holo ” in the world.
Lives : Temple around Kuan Lin , Longmen Avenue home on hotels and Yijun landscape , landscape Inn hotel is the general , the price is slightly cheaper ; Yijun is a star hotel, a little expensive , look at the ability of the individual to accept .
Line: Off to the forest temple buses have 55,58,69,15,39,81 road , in addition to 55 -way is $ 1 , the rest of the fare is 1.5 yuan . Sightseeing bus loop and the second line .
White Horse Temple
Take 56 West Off Road terminal is the White Horse Temple , about 10 kilometers east of the city of Luoyang , the White Horse Temple, Buddhism was introduced into China after the government-run first temple , the Buddhist community has always been foreign as ” release the source ,” ” Forefathers ” . White Horse Temple incense is filled , Everywhere there are free for visitors to burn incense and worship, incense is not much, three fragrance Jingfo heart. Not far east of the White Horse Temple DiRenJie tomb. Tickets: $ 35. White Horse Temple fortune reportedly very accurate.
Dingding Gate Ruins
Appearance of Tang Dynasty gate, by the gates , walls, towers and Que floor components. People who have been to Xi’an , Xi’an reconstruction may feel no Daming Palace ruins the tall gates , but we Dingding door this site is based on the recovery time of 1:1 Dingding doors , antique buildings and the site shows combined , brick tiles , revealing the weight of history and vicissitudes ; tall walls and towering Que floor , showing the Tang prosperity and grace . Tickets: $ 30, visit time is 40 minutes.
Line: sightseeing bus and taxi second line loop
Sui Tang Relics Botanic Garden
The total area of ??2835 acres, is a collection of heritage conservation and green play as one of the featured gardens. Zi inside the Garden is the largest country peony varieties of peony , garden planting CCP nine colors, more than 1200 varieties 270,000 peony 22 varieties of more than 3,000 strains. ” Luoyang Ley spent most appropriate , peony particularly surprising the world .” Can be said to Luoyang Peony really do not look white to come. Tickets: usually is free of charge, during the Fair is $ 40. ( Wooden way , peony rich ah ) Visiting hours are 1-2 hours of personal preference .
Luoyang New Museum
City Ruins Park is located in the north of the Sui and Tang , of a basic display and six thematic displays . Chan Chin basic display theme ” Luo civilization ” through prehistory , Xia and Shang Dynasties , Han period , Sui and Tang dynasties , the Northern Song Dynasty Five Dynasties five chapters , all-round , multi-angle shows the trajectory of the formation and evolution of Luo culture featuring more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics ; thematic exhibition is divided into ” Luoyang Museum Treasures ” ” Han and Tang pottery museum” , ” Tang Museum” , ” palace Museum ” ” ancient stone hall ” and ” painting and Calligraphy ” six major topics, relics on display more than 5,000 pieces . Tickets: Free is not free of charge. Visiting hours are 1-2 hours.
Tomb Museum
Transport: From the train station by bus to reach 83 . Tickets: $ 15, which is the only one tomb museum , located in the northern suburbs of Luoyang Mangshan Otsuka Nishimura , is a new type of thematic museums. There are plenty of living museum exhibit utensils , ornaments and other funerary objects , such as the Western Han , Wei and Jin Dynasties figurines , pottery of the Tang Dynasty and the like.
Luoyang Peony
Every year 10 to 25 April , Luoyang Peony Festival , this time of year , the entire city of Luoyang peony flowers all over , over the city, from the streets to the park countryside , peony in full bloom everywhere , almost the whole city can be called a sea of ??flowers .
Now a lot of Luoyang Peony Garden , is the largest country Peony color , national color , also known as China National Peony Luoyang peony gene pool , located on State Road 310 Luoyang Mangshan side , away from the urban 4km, leaving Los speed 5km. Covers an area of ??700 acres, new varieties of peony cultivation and breeding of the largest commodity production base . West Valley Water Station or take the 51 bus to get off the Garden State colors , from the train station is about 10 dollars to play . Tickets are 20 yuan. One is the main venue for the annual Peony – Wangchenggongyuan in Li Zhongzhou road, train multiple bus arrived . Tickets $ 20 at the Fair . Now April peony in full bloom , visitors and to have friends .
New Century Musical Fountain Lake
New Century Middle Road, located in Luoyang , Luoyang City Hall is directly opposite. When construction is said to be Asia’s largest musical fountain. Hours: Saturdays and major holidays ( Labor Day , National Day , etc. ) evening at eight . This attraction is free drop Oh !
Line: There 29,70,37,33,57 Road bus sightseeing bus loop and the second line .
Lives : New here accommodations , Mo Li Hao Hotel, Nga Jinling Hotel is a five-star Holiday Inn is a four -star Mineral , these conditions are relatively good, but the price is very expensive. The hotel has a generally diligent Court Hotel, hotels and other institutions .
Xiaolangdi : 50 km north of Luoyang at the east bus station bus to the train station , 80 minutes , 8 yuan ticket , Xiaolangdi scenic door no tickets , dams and dam park resort 30 per ticket . Because the internal management of the Xiaolangdi scenic did not coordinate with local , soft environment is not very good , a lot of field guide , you may need to pay attention soliciting another not to disputes with local farmers.
Below is some guideline/schedule of Day Tour:
Highlights: am to Longmen Grottoes , direct sunlight grotto sun, plenty of light , giving a shock on the light irradiation Buddha. Yangzhou watching fireworks in March , April Luoyang Peony see the afternoon you can go see the Sui and Tang Relics Botanic peony flowers .
DAY1: Longmen Grottoes – Kuan Lin – South New Area Attractions group ( Dingding Gate site , Sui and Tang Dynasties Relics Botanic Garden ) – Luoyang Museum (see more on 淘路网)
Two-day trip
Highlights: Longmen Grottoes bring you feel the shock , to see Wu Fengxian Temple then face, to worship Kuan Lin Wu Sheng , not just to see the White Horse White Horse Temple , allowing the mind to interpret these belong to the history of Luoyang . The next day, a wonderful journey through the shuttle among the tombs , wandering in the streets , watching the ancient gates , stroking the mottled walls , do you remember your past lives .
DAY1: Longmen Grottoes – Kuan Lin – POLYGOLD – White Horse Temple
DAY2: Luoyang Tomb Museum – Luoyang New Museum – Lijing Gate – Street
Day Tour
Highlights: three days to feel the ancient capital of both heavy heritage, but also to visit the cultural landscape, while sightseeing , close to nature .
Day1: Longmen Grottoes – Kuan Lin – Sui and Tang Luoyang City National Heritage Park – White Horse Temple
DAY2: POLYGOLD – Luoyang New Museum – Wangchenggongyuan – Regency doors
Day3: Baiyun Mountain – re-crossing the ditch

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