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Fenghuang – China ’s most beautiful town (travel in china guide)

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China agency in Fenghuang 凤凰住宿攻略:
Phoenix city a thousand years of history, Hongqiao east , south to the brain rock slope , west of the pond floor , north to the Tuo River in Fenghuang County is the “heart” lies.
Phoenix city is divided into the old and new city, the old town yard, shallow walls Tuojiang through the city , built of red sandstone standing on the shore , lined with ancient South Mountain tower , the tower or the Qing Dynasty , the rusty iron gate , then also see the mighty appearance. Under the wide river north gate sideways a narrow wooden bridge to the stone pier , opposite the two must sidle over , here was the only channel that year out of the city .
Quartzite city streets, riverside wooden structure on stilts , and Chaoyang Palace, the ancient city of museums, Yang ancestral , Shen Congwen ‘s former residence , Xiong Xiling , Tian Temple , Dacheng Hall , Longevity Palace and other buildings , all with ancient features. Phoenix city Huilongge Streets to the central axis , connecting numerous alleys, communicate the city. Huilongge Streets with the potential to be a vertical line , horizontal staggered quartzite paved road , since ancient times is bustling bazaar , now more vibrant 凤凰攻略.

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